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Putting Children First

Proven Parenting Strategies forHelping Children Thrive Through Divorce

NAPPA Gold Award, 2010, National Parenting Publications Awards, 2010 Mom's Choice Awards® Gold Recipient

How to help children thrive through separation and divorce

Information for Parents, Families and Friends
Parents, family members, and friends can learn how to minimize the very real risks for children and help them thrive. Learn more.

Information for Professionals
Therapists, attorneys, mediators, judges, teachers, and clergy
all have critical roles to play in ensuring the well-being of children
whose parents divorce. Learn more.

Hear Dr. Pedro-Carroll's tips for families in this podcast.

Dr. Pedro-Carroll with Muppet Abby Cadabby in the Sesame Street project: Little Children, Big Challenges, Divorce.

For three decades I have worked with families in transition—couples who are ending their partnerships, and children who deeply experience their parents’ separation, divorce or remarriage. While I have seen the dark side of divorce, I have also witnessed the positive outcomes when parents put their children’s well-being above all else and focus on parenting that helps their children become confident, resilient, and ultimately well adjusted.

And that’s my goal for my new book, Putting Children First – to help parents (and the family, friends and professionals who care about them) understand the considerable impact divorce has on children, including the emotions they experience deeply but often hide, and learn how best to help them weather the many transitions that follow divorce. The parenting strategies I provide are based on a wealth of research; they have been proven to help children thrive.

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