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  Dr. Pedro-Carroll is internationally recognized as a leading expert on children and divorce. She shares her expertise through consulting and training, as well as at professional conferences and public presentations, and serves as an advisor to the Sesame Street initiative: Little Children, Big Challenges: Divorce. Dr. Pedro-Carroll’s positive approach is filled with hope, optimism, personal warmth and great compassion for parents and children alike, and for those who help them through trying times.

As a developer of award-winning, evidence-based programs for children of divorce and for parents, she brings a depth of understanding and experience to those who use her services. These include:
  • mental-health professionals
  • teachers, counselors and other school professionals
  • parents and parent groups
  • legal professionals
  • others who seek to protect the well-being of children whose families are in the midst of major family transitions

These are among the topics on which she consults, trains, and speaks:

  • Parenting programs - The development and implementation of evidence-based programs that help divorcing and divorced parents learn how to contain conflict and change their relationship to professional parenting partners focused on the best interests of their children.
  • Preventive intervention programs for children - The development and implementation of programs that provide children with a safe haven to express their feelings and also help them gain an accurate understanding about the changes in their lives and develop coping skills.
  • Factors that influence children’s resilience and those that put them at greater risk for long-term problems following a divorce.
  • Interpreting children’s hidden emotions and beliefs – the multitude of feelings, fears, and misperceptions that often overwhelm children during or after a divorce, but which they seldom share with their beloved but beleaguered parents. She explains not only what the most common feelings and beliefs are, but how to listen carefully and draw children into expressing them.
  • Parenting plans, custody decisions—the factors that influence positive outcomes for children.
  • Signs of stress at different stages of children’s development – and how to detect and help reduce children’s stress.
  • Telling the children—how to share the difficult news of divorce with children at various ages, and then how to continue the conversations through the multiple changes that follow.
  • Love and Limits: the Pillars of Quality Parenting – how to establish and sustain the two most critical parenting practices that promote children’s well-being
  • Peace, Compassionate Love, Healing and Forgiveness in Personal Relationships
  • Other topics tailored to the specific needs of the client or audience.

Contact Dr. Pedro-Carroll to learn more and schedule a training program, consultation, or presentation.



NAPPA Gold Award, 2010, National Parenting Publications Awards

2010 Mom's Choice Awards® Gold Recipient

Putting Children First:
Proven Parenting Strategies for Helping Children Thrive Through Divorce



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